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As experienced political analysts and exceptional communicators, Insight’s consultants are well-placed to ensure clients are kept abreast of the unique challenges which they may confront, before assisting organisations to deal with them.  Whether it be: assessing the implications of the Coalition Agreement for clients; considering the impact of macro-policy drivers on an organisation; or, evaluating the policy options being considered by officials, Ministers or Parliamentarians, the Insight team is able to provide an analytical and well-informed assessment of the public policy environment concerned.  The agency’s consultants regularly present to in-house teams, providing intelligent, bespoke and considered analysis aimed at helping first to understand and then to set out ways to address the specific policy challenges facing a particular sector or organisation.

For Cable & Wireless Worldwide, for example, Insight supported the firm’s public sector team by putting on a series of seminars and events having as their objective the education of participants about the dynamic that exists between Government, the media, think tanks and other stakeholders.  The agency also facilitated sessions for the client to help the business: articulate its arguments; enhance its reputation; sharpen and strengthen its understanding of the key policy drivers, so as better to enable the organisation to make compelling cases to policymakers and regulatory officials on a range of issues of interest and thereby ultimately try to effect policy change.  Similar exercises have been undertaken in support of Age UK and International SOS.

Insight has expertise in preparing clients for Select Committee sessions, renowned as such hearings are for the direct and, at times, belligerent approach that can often be adopted by Parliamentarians when questioning witnesses.  The agency will comprehensively prepare client so summoned using its ‘prepare, test, feedback’ model.  Being ready for those tricky questions and acclimatised to a Select Committee environment prior to any appearance are all integral to the preparation process, enabling clients as they do to show themselves off in the best possible light, whilst maintaining coolness under fire.  This approach has been invaluable in preparing witnesses called to give evidence before the Business, Innovation & Skills Committee; the Culture, Media & Sport Committee; the Health Committee; and, the Public Accounts Committee. Further information about our Select Committee training package can be found here

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